In all instances, Leah can be contacted at, in the event of any concerns or issues, please contact her directly, either by email, or phone on 07908564891.

Regrettably, refunds cannot be given, however, follow-on appointments can be booked for the resolution of any issues. These appointments will be offered in good faith, however, abuse of this offer will not be tolerated & charges will be incurred if follow-on appointments are required as a result of a “change of mind” after Leah has left an appointment (clients have the right to request changes/modifications within reason during an appointment & are encouraged to make absolutely certain, that they are happy with their service, prior to Leah’s departure).

Appointments are made in advance & failure to keep these appointments can have a severe impact upon other clients. Cancellations or changes to appointments are welcome when a minimum of 24 hours notice is given. Failure to give such notice or otherwise keep appointments/repeated cancellations could affect the availability of future appointments.

Application of Hair Colouring requires a Skin Test & Consultation a minimum of 48 hours prior to the undertaking of the actual appointment, this is to ensure there are no averse reactions & is critical for your health & well being! Colour work will not be undertaken without a Skin Test & Consultation.

At this time, Leah is regrettably unable to accept cheques or card payments, however with demand, card payments may later be offered.