I’m Pregnant!

Hi Everyone!

So most of you know by now and for those who don’t i think the title gives it away. Me and Matt are expecting a baby, i am writing this post just so that everyone is updated and knows exactly whats going on with Hair by Leah Evans.

The baby is due in May so unfortunately i will not be available during May but i am planning on working until i physically cannot and hoping to come back to work as soon as i can. Obviously this depends on the birth, the baby and how things go. I will be starting off slow, doing possibly 1 day a week and then working up my hours, luckily i have a fantastic family who are willing to help me out baby sitting wise, so i do not have to give up my work.

So please do not panic! I will still be hairdressing, i will just have to take it slow for a few months when the baby is born.

Of course if anyone is willing to come to me, this would help me out massively as long as you do not mind a baby being here. If not please understand that i will not be working every evening and every weekend, i do need some time with my family.

Any questions, feel free to ask and i thank you all so much for sticking with me and helping me out through this wonderful time.


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