Freelance Hairdressing Awards

I am just about to send in my forms for the Freelance Hairdressing Awards. The closing date is 31st March and hopefully i should hear back around June.

Thank you to everyone who let me take pictures of their hair so i could use them for this competition. It means so much to me. I love entering competitions, its such a passion for me and i love creating awesome and weird hairstyles that could be published in magazines.

This year i have entered 5 categories. Colour work, Gents cut, Prom hair, Bridal Hair and Avant garde. Im sure you have all seen the pictures in my Gallery and i thank everyone who helped me pick between them. Here is one of the entries for hair colouring.

galaxy hair purple.jpg


As soon as i have any more information on this competition i will be posting about it.

Hair Tip : Make sure you condition your hair. If you have coloured hair or permed hair you should condition your hair everytime you shampoo your hair. If your hair is feeling dryer than usual after these winter months then leave conditioner on your hair for a while. Conditioning treatments really help get your hair back to its normal PH. Try Leaving on your usual conditioner (if you don’t have anything stronger) While you are working out, cleaning the house, or doing college work for an hour. Shampoo and condition your like normal after. You should notice a difference straight away. Do this once a week and you will see a big improvment.



Mobile Hairdresser in Plymouth

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