New Beginnings

Welcome everyone to my new website.


I hope you enjoy looking around and find all the information that you need. These blogs will keep you up to date with my work. So first of all a little bit about my business.


Having spent 10 years in a salon it was time to head out on my own, so last November i took the plunge, handing in my notice and becoming a member of the FHA (freelance hairdressing association). If you’ve never heard of the FHA, it’s an Association of Freelance Hairdressers. As part of the FHA, I’m given access to courses to further my skills, as well as being eligible to enter competitions, and most importantly, it means that my clients know that I’m fully qualified and fully insured as you can only become a member if you are. It can give you confidence that I am up to date with training and will do everything I can to give you great customer service.


Second of all, I would like to say a big thank you to all my old and new clients that have helped me kick start this business. It was a major decision to leave my previous salon but I know that it was the right thing for me at this time. I really appreciate all of you and this wouldn’t be happening without you. So thank you.


And Lastly how about a little hair tip and advice (expect more of these to come)…


Regular Haircuts – I have quite a few clients ask me if it is true that if you have regular trims your hair grows faster. So I am here to answer. Yes it is true. The reason is that when you have it trimmed, you’re cutting off the split ends, which cause breakage. If you do not do this, the split ends start travelling up the hair shaft causing it to become weak and snap. So if you are not getting regular trims and are wondering why your hair is not getting much longer it is more than likely because it is weak and snapping off. Have regular trims, look after your hair right and you will start seeing results. 




Trimmed straight hair cut
Trimmed Straight Hair Cut

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